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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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inspirational real life stories >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me t drives me >> welcome to the news hour in doha. >> more than 20 people are reportedly killed after saudi-led airstrikes hit a factory in southern yemen. >> nigeria gets a new leader, we'll look at the issues facing president elect muhammedu buhari. >> iran nuclear talks extended after a self imposed deadline businessspires.
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>> in india the government is introducing a new program that could benefit hundreds of millions of indians. i'll have the details coming up. >> it is now a week since the start of a saudi led air attacks started in yemen. it continues to hit rebel positions and says its secured yemen's air space. saudi rain is deploying more vessels for a full maritime blockade but there are no plans for a ground operation. rebel forces are trying to make gains in the south. they fought against anti houthi forces and in aden's international airport.
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the u.n. is alarmed by the growing civilian toll. tuesday, it said 93 civilians have been killed so far including 62 children. that number has risen after a factory explosion killed 23 workers. a dairy factory became an in 14 know after an air strike in the western port city on tuesday evening. about two dozen employees were killed, according to medical sources. witnesses say there's an army camp nearby, with forces helping the houthis. the houthis are blaming the saudi-led coalition for some of the deadliest attacks on civilians. on monday evening an air strike hit a refugee camp, killing 20 mine. the u.n. condemned the attack, calling it a violation of international law. >> intense ground fighting moved into the port city of aden. a group said it has helped take
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over the city's international airport and surrounding area. the secessionists are one of a number of groups fighting the houthis. the players include forces loyal to president adou rabbo mansour hadi and various tribes. the foreign minister said regaining troll of yemen won't come easily but the regional stability dependency on it. >> we are not warmongerrers but when they beat it is drums are war, we are ready. >> in the moon time, those who can are getting out of yemen. about 350 indian citizens left aboard this navy ship overnight. for those who remain are growing concerns of a humanitarian crisis and no sign of a ceasefire anytime soon. al jazeera. >> let's talk more about it then with our correspondent who has
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reported extensively in yemen. it does seem that the saudi-led coalition is making some gains in this week long battle now. >> yes just about a week ago houthi fighters managed to drive into the capitol into aden, controlling some significant areas, like the vicinity of the airport and also some areas in downtown aden. now we are seeing them pulling out of these areas forces loyal to hadi and secessionist movement are in control of the airport. they are overrunning military bases. it seems after the week of airstrikes some of the military capabilities and deployments of the houthi fighters have been undermind to the point where we can see now a reverse of events. >> there are a number of factions operating inside yemen. you have the former president
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ali abdullah saleh forces loyal to him which we mentioned earlier. you have al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, and you have the houthis and the saudi led forces. how do all of those elements play into this battle? >> each will be now trying to take advantage of the situation to further consolidate its grip on power. this is a country divided along regional lines at the same time. in the south, for example, you have forces loyal to hadi, at the same time, forces loyal to the secessionist movement, their annual aim is after the airstrikes, they would like to see the south break away from the north. al-qaeda is definitely watching that's happening on the ground, trying to tap into the discontent to further expand. al-qaeda is willing to move, further move into northern areas. i think the biggest problem yemen will face once the airstrikes are over, political battles are back at the negotiating table, you will see
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each party trying to say i definitely want a bigger say. >> why does yemen matter so much to saudi arabia and the gulf states that they've taken to this? i mean, it is a very poor country. it has limited resources but why is it so important strategically. >> what ale cade was battling in afghanistan, the first step was to create an off shoot. the main target is to use yemen as a platform to launch attacks against neighbors like saudi arabia to disrupt the flow of oil and target the western and attack western targets. if yemen descends into chaos al-qaeda, for example can easily disrupt the flow of maritime shipment of oil into the world.
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this is going to create disaster for the international markets you can easily see the price of oil skyrocket to 150. this is the biggest concern for the international community. al-qaeda is also having ties with shabab in somalia further destabilizing. if violence continues in yemen that will spill over the border, so you have different issues that are taken into consideration by the gnarl community. this is why they are willing now to see a political settlement of the crisis in yemen because that's the only guarantee for more stability and peace. >> the longer this goes on, as well concerns are going to continue to mount about the rising toll this is taking on civilians in yemen. we mentioned the death toll there at the top. >> absolutely. if you go to a place like the capitol sanna the problem you would encounter is places like
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the air bases with long-range missile rockets are based near residential areas. the risk for collateral damage and civilian casualties is going to be extremely high in tanna taiz saada, where you have the air force with a military base near residential areas. this is one of the issues that the saudi-led coalition will have to take into account in the near future, which is basically the residential areas near the military targets which might create a backlash among the local population, if things continue in the near future. >> all right thanks very much. >> talks on iran's nuclear future continue in switzerland after tuesday's self imposed deadline expired. diplomatics say they are making progress but key issues still need to be resolved.
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a diplomatic he had door james bays is in lausanne where talks have been taking place. james, a lot of hope that something could emerge today some sort of a document or agreement. any indication are that right now? >> well, certainly they're working towards that. they busted through their deadline, which was the end of the month. it was midnight here lausanne time. they kept working, there have been meetings going on in some form or another at all hours here. former ministers trying to bash something out. they're very close agreement. there are sticking points, but as well as the sticking points, there's also the presentational aspects of this, and actually what will be written down, what sort of document will we get. remember it's the u.s. that pushed this deadline. they want a framework document to go show it to congress before congress comes back from recess to say look at all the things we've achieved.
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if you were to get more sanctions, put more sanctions on iran, you could destroy this whole pros. on the other side, i think it's pretty clear that iran doesn't need to have a lot written down in this document. it wants some sort of broad understanding that they're making progress, but iran would like all the details to be in play until the final deadline, which is the end of the june, which would increase iran's leverage in negotiations in the coming months. >> what about israel, then, james, obviously they expressed their concerns about any deal and the way it looks right now. what have they been saying? >> yes, prime minister knelt net very carefully timed comments, i think knowing that this is very close to the end quite possibly has come out again and said this deal will effectively give iran a nuclear bomb. i think the administration is taking note of those comments, but as i said, i think the real audience they're trying to
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satisfactory is the congressional audience. i think it's noteworthy that late last night there was a video conference call, secure video conference between secretary of state john kerry and his team here and the white house situation room. on that call, president obama himself, the vice president and total of 20 administration officials, i think that shows you that the administration is taking this very, very seriously, following it very, very closely and that is because of the message they're hoping they'll get at the end to send that to congress. >> james bays live for us there in lausanne where those talks are taking place. >> richard butler is a former australian diplomat active in the disarmament activities of the u.n. and was chief weapons inspector in iraq. he said there are key issues that need to be clarified before a nuclear deal, reached.
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>> they must answer the questions that the iaea has been asking for quite some time now about activities, half a dozen or more years ago that were possibly weapons-related, that is to the development of a nuclear weapons capability as against peaceful use of nuclear energy. they've always avoided providing the necessary clarification of those weapons development programs that it's suspected that they had in the past. >> the next president of nigeria says the people embraced democracy and put a one party state behind them. muhammedu buhari, the former military ruler who became opposition leader said it's time to heal wounds. in the victory speech after a closely fought election, he thanked outgoing president good luck jonathan for conceding defeat and not challenging the results. some celebrating the win helped grass brooms to signify his promise to seep sweep out
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corruption from nigeria. ahead for the 72-year-old president elect though, are two big challenges, how to handle boko haram and the effects of a slump in oil prices on africa's biggest economy. >> emotions were high. with he must not allow them to get the better of us. this is a moment that we must begin to heal the wounds and work toward a better future. we he do this by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation. we hope and pray our friends in other parties join us. >> we are live in nigeria's
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south. that what is the mood there now that it's all over? >> relief, pride people just wait to go get back to life. it was fairly quiet the last few days now more traffic on the street more people moving around. when you speak to them, they talk about what they expect. they wonder his leadership style. they do know him. he was in charge in the early 1980's when he was a military leader. he was quite tough then, they remember him as being tough. he demanded respect. he basically did things like for example, people were forced to queue. he didn't want chaos anymore. he wanted to clean the cities, wanted things to be organized. they wonder will he bring that to his administration. how is he going to tackle boko haram. they are waiting to see if he does manage to deem with the boko haram issue in the northeast of nigeria. >> what about if we talk more
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about muhammedu buhari's leadership and what he's likely to bring. he was of course a former military ruler more than two decades ago. are there concerns about him? >> >> there are some concerns. some did like him, got fact that he was quite a strong leader and managed to get things done and get people to do things, like cleaning the city every single month. they say maybe nigeria needs something like that. others say his track record wasn't good. he clamped down on corruption, but is accused of only jail those people that were his so-called enemies people from the north where he comes from, some said were allowed to get off scot-free. some say the fact that he executed armed robbers and other people in the name of creating law and order some human rights activists say no, he violated human rights and he shouldn't be in charge and now that he's in
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charge what is he going to do, how will he rule the country. it's a mixture of feelings, but the general feeling is he is the man who is going to take over. people have accepted that, there is no violence we've heard of. they just want to go forward--everyone and not just a privileged few. >> live for us there in nigeria on the day after the election. apologies there for the losing her just at the end there. >> still to come on the program palestinian comes a member of the international criminal court. we'll have the reaction from israel. plus: why going for a meal in malaysia has just become more expensive. >> in sport andy murray wins his 500th match. it wasn't a piece of cake. details later in the program. >> the palestinian authority is
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now officially a member of the international criminal court. it's part of a move by the palestinians to put more international pressure on israel but as jonah hall reports, the process will be neither quick or simple. >> the palestinian authority foreign minister emerged from a formal welcomingster money in the hague. palestinians, he said were a step closer to justice but it will not be quick. >> we seek justice so peace and stability can be established. >> do you expect it will take a long time to bring action against israel here? >> we are not going to alter the works and mechanisms established. we want to incorporate to provide whatever information available in our hands in order to facilitate and separate the process of investigation done by the i.c.c.
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>> in a preliminary examination of the facts on the ground, the prosecutors are looking at two potential areas of concern first israel's settlement building on palestinian occupied land considered illegal under international law and second, the actions of israel's army in the gaza war last year. it will be for chief prosecutor to decide whether a formal investigation should be launched and much later whether charges should be filed. such is the heavy political way to the israeli palestinian conflict that the court will want to be absolutely certain of itself before proceeding. >> little premature to speculate on the outcome of the legal analysis of the prosecutor. what i think is important at this stage is to allow the prosecutor this possibility of analyzing all the relevant information, all the relevant arguments, the time of the crimes gravity of the crimes,
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the and would perpetrators. >> one potential problem is the question of palestinian war crimes just last week, amnesty international published a report into allegations of war crimes committed by hamas and other groups. the chief prosecutor here has said that she will investigate both sides without fear or favor. >> by joining the i.c.c., the palestinian authority is taking action that could impact on israel and the peace process but also expose palestinians to charges at the international criminal court. jonah hall, al jazeera the hague. >> joining me now to talk more about this from west jerusalem with an israeli reaction is a former director general at the israeli ministry of foreign affairs. i want your reaction first to this development of palestinian joining the international criminal court and the broader implications that this has for
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the on going palestinian israeli dialogue such as it is right now. >> the israeli reaction, i'm not definitely the official reaction but i'm here as a commentator. i think israel is worried especially on the issue of the settlements, less on the issue of war crimes, because this will be examined from both sides and israel can provide probably good lawyers and good arguments. i think of the soft belly is on the issue of the settlements and since the i.c.c. is going after the decision makers, i think politicians in the last decade or two who were involved in the settlements will be the target. >> i want to talk more about the settlements, since you bring it up and since there is a possibility that prosecutors in international criminal court
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could be lacking at israel's settlement building, one of is considered illegal under international law since 1967. since that time, israel has built more than 550 homes for more than 550,000 civilians in occupied palestinian territory and the palestinians saying this is a big reason why they have had to go down this route. what do you say to that? >> well, i think this will be the focus and also the fact that israel always spoke on the settlements as temporary or the occupation as temporary. now, it looks as if this is here not only forever but for the case after benjamin netanyahu statement that in his term of office there will be no palestinian state so i think
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the focus will be on is occupation permanent are the settlements forever and there will be a legal battle about it. i think it is important to say that this is only a part of this new palestinian in tee fad da, diplomatic intifada, because there are other important components in this incident fad da, one is the security council and it might even be next week that france will reopen the debate in the security council about the israeli-palestinian conflict. the other one is more parliaments are starting to discuss the issue of palestinian. it's an overall picture.
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>> should the israelis review the way they deal with the palestinians? >> definitely, israeli thinking about the prime minister, thinking about it, even while constructing the coalition if in about five, six weeks, we will see that israel has a right wing coalition the world will treat it very differently than if israel has a center right coalition with somebody like herzog for instance as foreign minister. it still remains to be seen which kind of coalition israel will come up with. >> all right. >> and which kind of coalition agreement will be signed between the coalition partners.
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>> good to get your perspective on this, joining us from jerusalem. >> activists in syria say fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant stormed the palestinian refugee camp in damascus. it became the focus of heaving fighting in 2012 when armed groups moved in. there is widespread starvation and violence, preventing aid groups from doing their work. isil is in control and has announce add curfew you. >> 45 have been killed in an isil attack in a syrian village villagers were beheaded, burnt and shot. six syrian soldiers also died in the fighting. several people are missing. it's unclear whether they escaped or have been kidnapped by isil. >> syrian government jets have
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targeted the northwestern city which rebels took over on saturday. activists say the strikes hit a hospital where the bodies of a number of government soldiers have been celt. coalition of rebel groups, including the al-qaeda linked nusra front had seized the city. >> iraq irprime ministerial abadi said most of the city has been liberated from isil control. iraq irinterior minister has been speaking from tikrit. >> today most of tikrit is liberated. only a small portion remains to be cleared. god willing, we will eliminate the remaining pockets in the coming hours. the enemy has been totally defeated and lost all its ability and morale. the battle will end god willing. >>ed head of libya's legally installed government in tripoli
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rejected the decision by his own ministers to sack him. the prime minister was dismissed after accused of misleading parliament about government finances. we report. >> in charge of libya's legally installed government since august last year, members of parliament have voted to sack him, but al hasi refuse to say step down. >> a prime minister cannot be dismissed without being held accountable for wrongdoing. we were not called for an investigation and the government is not to be questioned before it receives its budget. >> he lost the support of his colleagues following allegations he misled parliament about government finances. >> there was a request submitted by 70 members of the general national congress, calling on omaral hasi to submit his resignation. there was request submitted by
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10 ministers and deputy ministers threatening to submit the resignations if the request to remove him is not met. >> it means more political turmoil in a country the u.n. envoy described as close to chaos. the tripoli government is one of two governments the other based in tobruk. each is supported by armed groups engaged in daily fighting. libya has fallen into chaos since the uprising that deposed leader muammar gaddafi. since the regime was forced out of power rival brigades have defied state authority. the chaos has been made worse by groups that claim allegiance with isil stepping into an already crowded battleground. in an effort to address the country's political crisis, delegates from the rival
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governments have been meeting at u.n. brokered peace talking about in morocco but so far there has been little sign of reconciliation. now, with political in-flighting in the tripoli based government, libya seems nor chaotic and unstable than ever. al jazeera. >> let's get the latest weather for you here's rob and we've got an update on the super typhoon. >> the satellite picture is gorgeous. the disk, the central brightest disk where the worst of the weather isis the size of the entire island. when it went through, it was gusting 140 kilometers an hour. that is the outer bands. the storm has been category four or five, but it's at its peak, which is a rather good thing. the forecast track takes it from where it is now to its current
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wind strength gusting over 300 towards the philippines. it's taking a couple days to get there. it will probably hit saturday and then go across saturday to sunday by which time it should have weakened, sustained winds gusting 200 with vast amounts of rain, it will be a nasty thing but won't be a category five by that time. >> to india with violent weather in the northeast concentrating briefly in the northwest. really it's the kashmir valley full of cloud now and has been for the last two or three days. it's range heavily it will briefly stop thursday, then return. >> thanks, rob. still ahead the spy scandal leading to the removal of the prime minister in peru. >> detroit keeps their postseason hopes alive. the latest on the race for the
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nba playoffs in sport.
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>> a reminder of the stop stories on al jazeera. medical sources in yemen say at least 23 people have been killed after an air strike hit a dairy factory. a week long saudi led air offensive is farting rebels who ousted the president from the capitol, sanna. >> talks on iran's nuclear future resumed in switzerland after tuesday's deadline expired. diplomatics say they are making progress but some key issues
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still need to be resolved. >> nine's president elect muhammedu buhari said his people embraced democracy and put the one party state behind them. muhammedu buhari won 54% of the 28 million valid ballots cast. >> a nigeria researcher and analyst joins us live now to talk more about events in nigeria. thank you for being with us. when we look at mr. muhammedu buhari he's got quite a big plate on him hasn't he, in what he has to deal with. he has the on going battle against boko haram there's corruption and there's the crippled economy. >> yes absolutely. i mean, he really has a lot on his plate in the immediate future and also in the next few months and few years to come. i mean, for the next few weeks
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he he has to sort of rally nigerians together, these are people who have been divided by very bitter andy vicive campaigns in the run up to the elections, so he would have to bring everyone together. there is a significant scope with a national mandate. he won in 21 states across the country along with the s.c.t. and also goodluck jonathan has already conceded defeat, so there is significant scope for him to do that. in the next few months, as well, you know, all eyes would be on him to see first of all how he manages the transition of power from the outgoing administration to his own administration. remember that the official hand
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overdate is 29 of may so there would be a lot of logistical and technical issues that need to be sorted out. there's also the issue of, you know the real task of governance that would come with little victory that he he has received so he would have to set up a team. >> sorry to interrupt. i want to ask you as well about the leadership, the kind of leadership style that he brings. there have been concerns expressed about the fact that he is a former military ruler of the country. i mean, are those concerns founded, well-founded? >> >> well, the thing is i see it as a double edged soared in the sense that it is these qualities of his in the first place that
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made him attractive to nigerians that voted for him but also significant sections of the national community, as well. the fact that he is seen as someone with in political integrity, that perception is going to bring the much-needed discipline that nigeria needs to sort of realize its vast potentials. i guess there are concerns about his human rights record, particularly during his time as a military ruler but i think he has made an effort to address some of those concerns, so we'll just have to wait and see for now. >> good to get your thoughts on this. joining us there from oxford, thank you. >> thank you. >> as the war continues on several fronts in yemen there's no let up in the number of
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refugees streaming into the east african country of djibouti, less than 24 kilometers on the other side of the red sea coast 50 asylum seekers have been granted asylum so far. >> in the town, boats carrying refugees from yemen have just arrived, women children and men all fleeing the conflict in their country. they are exhausted. they have been at sea in their old and rickety boats for five hours navigating the waters. a fisherman fled the town with his wife and five children. >> we never wanted to leave that the houthis controlled everything. we couldn't even go finishing. most businesses are closed and we couldn't buy food. >> their hosts offer food and
9:37 am
medical help and take them to a temporary camp. they join they are countrymen who have arrived in the past few days. they will soon be taken to a more permanent camp. >> we are prepared to host five house refugees. for months, we've prepared for the arrival of yemeni refugees. there's been a clear division of work among aid agencies and we're ready. >> it's not just yemeni refugees. hundreds of those who fled for a better life are now fleeing back. >> there is a transit camp for returning ethiopians. >> the migrants come back weak and dehydrated especially when they take the boat back to djibouti.
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if they don't land at the official port, it is a desert. we offer medical and psychological help as soon as they arrive. >> groups of new migrants arrive from ethiopia. they are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead. >> what began as a transport strike in argentina has grown into a nationwide protest. workers launched a 24 hour walkout, bringing much of the capitol city to a halt. unions demand higher wages lower attaches and measures to fight inflation. >> pees prime minister has been recovered by a congress vote after a scandal involving the national spy agency, accused of overseeing the monitoring of several political opponents. it's a big blow to the president, who will now have to form another new government.
9:39 am
we report from lima. >> a victory, 72 congressmen voted to remove the foreign minister from office, 42 voted against with two abstentions there must now be a new cabinet the seventh in four years. the vote of no confidence after allegations that the intelligence service overseen by him speed on 160,000 people in peru, among them politicians businessmen and journalists. the spy agency is subject to oversight by the cabinet but it is allowed to gather domestic intelligence. he fired the executive director of the agency and other officials in march but it was not enough to blockade the opposition. >> it is essential against the government that wanted to justify the unjustifiable telling us in peru that we are
9:40 am
all subject to suspicion and consequently we must all be investigated by the government. it's like going back to old times, a police soviet state and we the opposition cannot accept that. >> the president must change his cabinet, although he can reappoint ministers. she was only appointed in july. her allies believe she was made a scapegoat. >> this is an attack, they want to weaken the government and strike an opposition blow that wants to turn it into a transitional government. >> general elections are nearly four months away. supporters have been lost in congress including former members of his own party who also voted to out of the the prime minister. >> political opponents say the government must name a new prime minister. they are ready to vote against
9:41 am
the president's decision, further deepening the political crisis. >> the president called the timing unfortunate and said new deals with natural disasters including floods and mudslides. >> we can't afford to start changing cabinets right now when we have to face the issue of weather conditions, and the challenges posed by climate change. >> the storm in congress is unlikely to abate yet. he has limited time to appoint a new cabinet. another no confidence vote could see the president shutting down congress and calling for new elections. that critics say his ability to governor will be almost impossible. al jazeera peru. >> the nigerian capitol the president muhammedu buhari is speaking on the first day after
9:42 am
his presidential election. >> our long night has passed and the daylight of new democracy governance has ha broken across the land. it is therefore necessary for me for one man or even one party, it is a victory for nigeria and for all nigerians. you have worked for this day. so many have risked their life and livelihood and others have died that we may witness this moment. it is with a heavy heart that i report many deaths amid the jubilation. we send our sincere condolences
9:43 am
to the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives and wish speedy recovery to those who suffered injury. i urge or supporters to celebrate victory with reflection instead of wild jubilation. may the souls of those who died rest in peace. let us take a moment of silence to honor all those whose sacrifices have brought us to this fine and historic hour. thank you very much. as a result of the election you
9:44 am
have shown that our labor has not been and will never be in vain. democracy and the rule of law will be established in the land. let us put the past especially the recent past behind us. we must forget our old grievances and learn to forge ahead. i assure you that our government is one that willis to and embrace all. i pledge myself and incoming administration to just governance. there shall be no bias against our favoritism for any nigerian
9:45 am
based on religion, region, gender or social status. [ cheers and applause ] >> i pledge myself and the government to the rule of law in which an end shall be to those above the law and not avail of its protection. you shall be able to go to bed knowing that you are safe and that your constitutional rights remain in safer hands. you shall be able to voice your opinion without fear of reprisal or victimization. my love and concern for this nation and what i desire for it extend to all even to those who
9:46 am
do not like us or our politics. you are all my people and i shall treat every one of you as my own. i shall work for those who voted for me as well as those who voted against me and even for those who did not vote at all. we all live under one name as one nation, we are all nigerians. some unfortunate issues have been raised during the campaign. i wish to state that through devotion to this nation, everything i have learned and
9:47 am
done has caused me to make the best contribution to public life. i have served in various capacities and have always done my best. despite the rancor of the elections, i extend a hand of friendship and conciliation to president jonathan and his teams. [ cheers and applause ] >> i here wish to state that i have -- against anyone. let me state clearly that president jonathan, although we may not agree, he is a great
9:48 am
nigerian and is still our president. he deserves our support and permanent respect by virtue of the office he has held. this is how an honorable nation treats its sovereigns and conducts its affairs and this is how huge should be. [ applause ] >> i look forward to meeting with president jonathan in the days to come to discuss how our teams can make the transition of administration. here i want to say my party who selected me as this candidate i thank our volunteers and members for the steadfast contribution
9:49 am
they made to bring our dream to fruition. i thank the police and all government agencies for performing the tasks in a proper manager and for refusing to be induced to undermine the election and the democratic process. i also wish to thank the leaders, traditional leaders the media labor unions, civil societies, organized private sector youth and students for their roles in this election. in particular, especially and
9:50 am
publicly leader of a.c.c. chairman of the party. and all the leadership of the party. i give thanks to president obama of the united states and his family in support for peaceful and credible elections in nigeria and for secretary of state john kerry and other united states officials. the european union and especially the united kingdom france germany and other nations that are actively
9:51 am
involved in ensuring elections are equally appreciated. my sincere thanks to the united nations and mr. ban ki-moon the commonwealth china india and other asian and gulf states are also here by appreciated. finally, our brothers in the african union air force have shown their commitment to our democratic pros. former he presidents and his team were well appreciated. i must add appreciation for the civil societies national and
9:52 am
international observers other word leaders in ensuring nigeria had free and fair elections. i assure all foreign governments that nigeria will become a more forceful and constructive player in the global fight against terrorism, sues the fight against drugs climate change, financial frauds, communicable diseases and other issues requiring global response. i want to assure you fellow african nations that nigeria will now stand as a more constructive partner in our continent, particularly with
9:53 am
rewards to economic development and rad occasion of poverty. [ thanking individuals ] >> thank you for words of caution and counsel during the electoral period. most of all -- >> nigeria's new president election muhammedu buhari you there addressing supporters on this the first day after his historic election victory. he said this was a victory for all nigerians took a moment to
9:54 am
honor those who died in the lead up to this election. he promise thatted to govern or all nigerian, those who voted for and against him and thanked outgoing president good luck jonathan for accepting the results and the peaceful transfer of power. let's bring in a correspondent live in lagos. very conciliatory remarks from muhammedu buhari. >> exactly what people wanted to see and hear. he is aware that many didn't vote for him. he knows he has to try and get them on his side. a lot of people are saying he seemed measured, sounds like he's serious about tackling serious issues and more important, he seems to want to be inclusive forget the past, move forward and try and build nigeria.
9:55 am
those are the words that people really wanted to hear. in the morning when we woke up here in lagos in particular, it is a city that is quite dense and is an a.p.p. stronghold of the opposition, conern of what is going to happen, what is the climate, people took a while to come on to the street, but as the hours went on, more and more people came on to the street, there was more traffic and the markets were getting fuller and fuller and fuller. this message would ease people who felt uneasy. it seems he wants to work with everyone all nigerians and help improve this country. >> i suppose it's an achievement in itself that nigeria has managed to get to this point. we're talking of course about the first transfer of power from one party government, democratic transfer of power at the ballot
9:56 am
box. >> >> exactly. it's huge, not just for nigeria but africa as a whole. nigerians were supposed when president jonathan called muhammedu buhari. people are like wow, is this really happening the nigeria that we now. it's proud moment for them. they are saying it means that i can wake up in the morning go and vote, cross my ballot. it means it will be counted. that is amazing on a continent where there are so many elections disputed p.m. they hope that they will be an example to the rest of africa. this year, we have some countries going through what could be difficult elections.
9:57 am
they hope those countries can learn from them and move forward. >> live from lagos as muhammedu buhari addresses supporters there on the first day since his historic election victory in nigeria's presidential elections. huge challenges remaining though for the incoming president, as we've been talking about. we've got much more on this and all the stories we are covering here on al jazeera in our next half hour. we've got lots more, as well on events in yemen. stay with us. there's more on our website as always get the latest on all the stories we're covering there.
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♪ more than 20 people are reportedly killed after saudi-led air strikes hit a factory in southern yemen. ♪ hello you are watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead. >> today is the day and change has finally come. >> reporter: the next president addresses the nation after his unprecedented election win. iran nuclear talks